Thursday, September 24, 2009


Life gives you some reasons at times to refine yourself…change yourself a bit for the better… Life has given me one such reason to refine the person in me…to let go of all those excess baggage that I have been carrying all this while… It just is a wonderful feeling when you feel that you have lost all that you have one second and after a while you get it all back.. Whatever you have lost all this while.. it is just a fab feeling..

I listen to very few English songs. Can very well say that my knowledge about all those genres of Western music is close to zero.. but yes this one song by Hoobastank has always hit me hard.. ‘The Reason’ is an amazingly brilliant track.. and the the soul stirring lyrics just stands out. It rightly captures the ‘looking back’ that each one of us do at times..where we gauge ourselves and take those steps to bring in that much required change in us ..

We all wait for that one reason to start it all over again.. and when it comes will just know it for yourself.. Sometimes you just feel like a stranger to your own mind. You fail to understand your own actions and words.. I have always felt that it the most saddest part of loneliness when you don’t understand yourself… but when the right time get that much needed push where you will be brought back on track and will start living your life with zest..when you start living that ‘someday’ you always have been waiting for..

Everyone has their own imperfections..but it is those small little things which make you what you are..we learn and unlearn a lot of things every day.. It is never too late to start afresh is true that every new beginning starts from some other beginning’s end. But changes are always good..changes for betterment.. never say NO to them.. Never hesitate to say sorry and get it all sorted.. at the end of the day..we are all here for each other.. there is no existence all by oneself…not for long.. it is very true that we all need three things in life…something to do..something to look forward to and someone to love.. I agree totally.. If there is a reason to love..there is a reason for life beyond that as well..

Let’s make that difference today..don’t make thousand reasons to say why you cannot do something…try and get one reason why you can do something about it.. let’s not wait till tomorrow to say or show that you say that ‘yes you have made a difference’ I just wish all the wonderful people out there find their ‘reason’ today… stay blessed!

PS: This post dedicated to my ‘Reason’..for bringing sunshine back into my life.. for being my safest corner in this unforgiving world.. thanks a zillion.. you are the BEST :)

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed...It feels an impulsion...this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know it too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ritu...change of seasons!!

I was a little late in watching this brillaint piece of art by Shyamaprasad Sir.. What a miss it would have been if at all I didn't take time out to get into the change of seasons :)'Ritu' is a stunningly well made movie.. which will take you through a whole lot of emotions at one go... and take you through the intensity of relationships of all kinds...

Rahulraj has always been my favourite..but yes this one album from him has given me a million more reasons to look upto the musician in him...Never thought that one 'just another' saturday would be made something unforgettable coz of the movie and the song 'Pularumo'... Malayalam songs have not lost their charm yet... I won't agree with those who say that...recently could get my hands on the song 'Mizhithammil' from the movie 'Minnaminnikkottam' (thanks to musician friend and an awesome human being)..Biji Bal is another wow musician.. Talking about 'Ritu' is all about the changing seasons of life. All those transitions captured in one frame.. subtle.. gentle.. and poetic... there is no jazz.. there is nothing loud about the is as gentle as the waves in a river... those ripples in water.. it is like holding a mirror against your life and watching it through the frame... the very reflection of the changes that every person goes through..

'Pularumo' is haunting... one song which will touch your soul and make you experience love...passion and compassion... the pain...the feeling of belonging... it is just an amazing composition..Rafeeq Ahmed is a discovery for me...he has done a fab job with lyrics.. just brilliant! Gayathri chechi and Sujith are just beyond comparison...just the right amount of emotions in the way they have rendered their voices to make the song a complete experience..soul stirring and mesmerizing

Seasons do change... do we?? Well... such a loaded question to ask..I have always felt it is a wonderful we pass through each phase of life...just as the way seasons change...Sometimes...days and years passed by like a flash of lightening..yet they crawled along so slowly as I lived them..sometimes we wish somethings never changed...just to preserve them the way they are...the way they have always been..we just wish..but I feel change is always good... depending on which direction are you you move on you discover your inner self... the real you...Life too follows seasonal rhythms..after every gray of winter there is a spring which showers life into the earlier frozen soul...

Like the boatman in the movie says..."This tree which came with the flow of the river from some unknown place...still sheds its leaves thinking its autumn always..." yes it is all about our perceptions... how we view things..I have always longed for a magnifying lens that can view other people's perspective :) life would have been much more simpler then :) we need to navigate the seasons of life and heart...and as Kahlil Gibran says " And you would accept the seasons of your heart just as you have always accepted that seasons pass over your fields and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief..."

"Let seasons have no fixed noon our sudden summer burns..and sunset is all snow..."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Touch of dew!!!

Some songs just make you fall in love with everything around start feeling ‘well life aint bad after all’.. I am at that phase of life where I know… 'Future is not what it used to be…’ and it is a fabulous feeling..when life springs in some amazing surprises… and that all time low just gives way for some content smiles..

Some songs are like those dew drops you see in the morning..those drops that remind you of a fresh beginning… a new life… where you open your eyes to see a new sun rise..your revival.. This Malayalam song’ Pular manju pole’ from the album ‘En Jeevane’ is one such amazingly brilliant track. This particular song had caught my attention long long back.. and Sujatha’s stunning voice makes it as mesmerizing as it can get. Karthik has done 110% justice to the composition that is so very fresh and so full of life..

Even though I always felt that the video could have made a little more better..the very soulful composition never let me judge the song as a whole. ‘Pular manju pole’ is a dew drop.. fresh.. lively... rejuvenating ..and reassuring…It takes you those unknown shores of life where you lose yourself to find love all over again..Like the famous Haley Bennett’s your ‘way back into love..’it tells you that ‘unconditional’ love still exists and it is such a secure feeling..

The very beautiful feeling of loving someone.. feeling loved.. the feeling of longing… like Buddha once said “This life of separateness may be compared to a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning.."
It is an amazing feeling and this track will make you feel it all over again.. for in the dew of finds its morning and is wake up to be in an unimagined world and its wonderful surprises..

“I must go seek some dew drops here.. And hang a pearl in every drop of tear shed..let there be love”