Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old wine, but a much more perfect bottle!!

No intentions to confuse with that ‘off the track’ title… am just talking about the new version of ‘Khamaj’ by Shafqat I happened to hear recently.. was breathing ‘Fuzon’ all this while ever since I heard them first.. my kid bro.. ‘Vaava’ sent me this link recently saying “I know its your fav and I knew you would love this. My wedding gift for u…” I loved the new version then and there…just hopelessly fell in love with the song and my life all over again… and am feeling fab.. (Thanks a zillion vaave…you are the best brother anyone can ever have.. thanks for being there through ways big and small..stay blessed )

‘Mora Saiyyan’ is an unbelievably soul stirring fab composition and Shafqat is a divine talent.. I so wish once before I get done with my time here.. once to hear him live.. I deeply miss him being a part of ‘Fuzon’ but yes change is the only thing that is constant as they say. But as we go on with the change… we still perceive the same old things differently.. the same old magnifying lens that views other people’s perspectives.. the very soulful song minus the equally intense BGM..this was such a fantabulous surprise…could not help but write about it… it was just too good to be taken lightly : ) It is true that ‘Music and silence combine so well.. coz music is done with silence and silence is so full of music..’

I am in love with this brand new version..this new version of love.. this new version of life..this new version that amazingly depicts the pain of longing.. Sometimes it is good to fit yourself into the much needed ‘you’ as I have always felt ‘ I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but I almost always end up where I need to be.. ”But at the end of it all I too have realized that “Now I know exactly where I am going and I just don’t want to go anywhere else.” this certainty of life is something everyone long for.. once you attain that you get to understand the trivialities of many other things which you once felt were the end of the world.. nothing in life happens by chance.. you reach where you are meant to be.. and will all be worth the wait : )

Music gives you that high at times.. When we long for a million things.. long to be with someone..long to make our dreams real.. long to be content.. this one song for sure will take you places..pull you out of the insensitivities of the ‘practical’ world and make you dive deep into the sea of emotions.. that is ‘Khamaj’ for you.. stunningly brilliant…soothing and soul stirring as ever.. Life emerges yet much ever frozen your soul might get at times :)

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence.. and I learn, whatever state I may be in, there in to be content.."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to where you belong... !!!!

Life teaches you some fabulous lessons at times... those moments which will help you view things and people with a fresh perspective a brand new outlook..all those same old things and people seem very different to you then..helps you mould a new outlook about things in general and bring back that zest to live love be...Life actually then goes in circles..and starts again from where you thought was the end.. that fab journey through the once trodden path...

Those moments when you start yearning for that safety blanket...the security of a relationship..when you want to view things differently and come out as a new individual altogether after the catharsis... this particular song from the Tamil movie "Paarthale Paravasam" conveys this looking back and rectification amazingly well.."Azhage sukhama" is an unbelievably soulful song..Srinivas Sir and Sadhana Sargham have just done 110% justice to this marvellous composition by ARR.

Sometimes it so happens that you realise what you thought was the right choice you made..the right decision you took...needs to be relooked into..but you hesitate to accept it and withdraw into the shell of indifference... but a moment comes when you crave to come out of it to the world of emotions..the much beautiful world which will make you live..that moment when you start 'living' and not 'existing'... 'Azhage sukhama' tells you about that much needed push which we all must have in life... to refine the person in you ..into a much more accommodating..and understanding individual..

One song which will let you go back to where you belong.. and realise the worth of the ones you left somewhere in your journey of life… that ‘U’ turn to the right destination.. when you find your safest corner in this unforgiving world..when you start living your life afresh, safe in the shadow of your loved ones..and feel secured… It is never too late to correct things.. to say that you show that you love..every moment is an opportunity..make the most of it…never keep it till tomorrow to convey what you feel… a feeling when eyes will be yours and dreams will that be of your loved ones’…

“Fence me in..the world is too big out here…and I don’t like it without you.. and when it gets cold in the winters of my grief..I will surrender and listen to the heat of my heart..”