Saturday, May 19, 2012

Magical illusion!!!!!

Dubai is by all means a city of dreams… this desert city has a unique thing about it..which will keep u hooked on to it…. Which will make you come back there….Still remember the day I landed here first… first glimpse outside the window… brought back all the memories  of those fairy tales I have heard while growing up… so much like a perfect painting… so full of life… !the city which made me fall in love… love of a serene kind I have never experienced before….love that heals…love that taught me to let go.. pure serene love!
Happened to watch this brilliant Malayalam movie ‘Diamond Necklace’ shot in Dubai totally by chance. But after the movie… I felt I should take such chances more often … like how Dr Arun (the protagonist) says… live life in such a way that you have no regrets  about your past… no anxieties about your future… just live the moment you are in… totally worth a try… :)

Infact it’s the song ‘Nila Malare’ which dragged me into the theatre. A magical track given life by Vidyasagar n penned beautifully by Rafeeq Ahamed sir… which is brilliantly rendered by the amazingly talented Nivas…an amazing discovery from a talent hunt. The song gets to you slowly…but yes gets deep down there and touches your soul.

Love indeed is the magical illusion of not being alone. The movie has fabulously captured love through various perspectives… love perceived by three women…and how eventually all things merge into one… of pure… unconditional… bliss! It’s true that quite often we can’t recover few things in life no matter how hard you try… the ‘moment’ after its gone… the ‘word’ after its spoken.. and ‘time’ after its wasted. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment to and let go..chances are that you might not do much of anything. ‘Now’ is the time.. remember the things you always wanted to do… now is the time to go do all of those…right now!

Of all the three leading ladies in the movie.. I have developed this bias towards ‘Maya’ the character played stunningly by Samvruta Sunil. Not only because she fights back the life threatening disease she has..but just the mere grace with which she does it… how she loves every single moment of her life… how she realizes that life aint too long for her..but still manages to stay positive and bounce back from all pit falls…falls in love.. and manages to let go without any she teaches you the lesson “you cannot be lonely if you love the person you are alone with”

‘Nila Malare’ is positive.. haunting.. adorable and catchy a track…it tells you there is always and always that new ray of makes you dream…fall in love… start living all over again… makes you content … sometimes cling on to the memories and breathe life.. true that “in the end what really matters is not what we bought but what we built..not what we got but what we shared..not our competence but our a life that a life of love..”for life happens only once… just once!life is really too short to wake up every day with regrets…so if you get a chance..grab it… if it changes your life…let it!

“We are always leaving lil pieces of us as we move along the pathways of life..and even as we age, evolve, wear out and disappear into the dust..the pieces indeed sometimes remain”