Friday, September 28, 2012

Phir Le Aya Dil...!!!!1

Some songs are so divine.. so serene.. and so very special ..that they make you feel.. in fact believe that they were made just for you and people like you in this big wide world... Could not find a better title for this particular post.."Phir le aya dil" from the much talked about Oscar nominated movie 'Barfi' is one of a kind..I feel such songs happen once in ages... personally for me this is truly an amazing come back of the musician in Pritam. simple..soothing and soul stirring; that's the song for you.  

Some days in life are special... because of some rare once in a life time moments...just another day becomes one for the keeps.. unique and priceless. Today is one such day... !A day when life rekindled my belief in that priceless irreplaceable emotion called love... I don't want to remember dates.. but moments..and so agree to the one who said 'the richness of life lies in those memories we have forgotten'

Quite often it happens with many of us that.. our paths cross with those ones whom we once thought we lost forever... you feel broken and wounded..when you are beginning to feel that love has made an exit.. when we least expect it.. we get to experience the warmth of their presence yet again... you feel start believing in yourself yet again... though we know in the end we never will get to be together..but you are content just loving and being there... 

"Phir le aya dil" fabulously captures the divine emotion when you reconnect with the one you love ...after a painful hiatus.. so beautifully depicts that 'incompleteness in absence'. Love indeed makes you dream..takes you out of the actual and gives you matter how many times you have been shattered and wounded. It's the very simplicity of the track that makes the song priceless. Arijit Singh has done a more than fantabulous job.. his voice is heavenly .. a much much promising future of music is here finally!

True that sometimes memories are good enough for you to live .. some other times.. thoughts of how different life could have been..if things were otherwise... gives you the strength to persevere.."Memory indeed a way of holding on to the things you love..the things you are..the things you never want to lose.." you get used to the feel good pain love gives you.. and you chose to come to terms with it and live the days of your life just loving..holding on to your incomplete dreams..memories.. and desires. But love..time and again..creates the magical illusion of those moments when you feel am not alone...

"Let's not forget to love.. loving what you cannot forget and let go off.. creates a new way to remember. Let's change the memory of our past into the hope of our future"

PS: This post goes out to the  serene one for whom  I want to live the rest of my life  for ..just loving... you are God sent!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome change!!!!!!

It always is amazing to see good music making a comeback… like never before. Am more than elated to have listened to the fantabulous tracks from the latest Malayalam movie ‘Bachelor party’. This album is so close to heart for a zillion reasons. Not always do we sit back..take some time out to look for some good songs..just to see what is happening in the world around. Am so glad I gave that time for myself.. and for the music that is buried deep inside me. What a miss it would have been if I missed listening to ‘ Kaarmukilin’ and ‘Vijana Surabhi’ from the album. Simply spectacular and brilliant compositions. Can call this album the ‘true’ come back of the immensely talented musician friend… my adopted brother..Rahul Raj!!!! Another reason to look upto the musician in him….

The magic that was created by him with the movie ‘Ritu’ has been recreated and in a much more soul catching way through these simply brilliant compositions. Songs that would make you fall in love with music all over again… ‘Kaarmukilin’ is a fabulous romantic melody and Shreya Ghosal’s mesmerizing voice has done the magic again in Malayalam music. She is the real ‘mishti dohi’ and totally will make you love all her songs just by the way she renders it with all her passion… honesty and her simply out of this world voice.

‘Vijana Surabhi’ is haunting..its addictive. One track that always has you mystified and makes you lose your way in the unknown depths of the song’s soul. Remya Nambeesan’s voice suits the song so well and the classical bits in between just add life to the track. Totally like icing on the cake. Its undoubtedly a treat for a music lover’s ears and you would wish the song never ended.

Of the two tracks I have developed this bias towards  ‘Kaarmukilin’ simply because of the tune and the lyrics.. and the  very feel good factor about it… its totally a whiff of fresh breeze that will breathe life into you..I totally believe we all need these kinds of welcome changes once in a while in life. Those changes which will make the monotony of a quiet life fade away! In the end over and over again life teaches is all that there is… and music is something that will never let you down.. through all the seasons of life. Good music is back… and it is back here to stay!

True that music quite often takes us out of the actual and makes us create our own dreams…like Aldous Huxley even I believe that “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”Music soothes the mind and heals the heart.. it truly flows from heaven to the soul of the listener…

“Music was my refuge..I could crawl into the spaces between the notes and turn my back into loneliness...”

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Magical illusion!!!!!

Dubai is by all means a city of dreams… this desert city has a unique thing about it..which will keep u hooked on to it…. Which will make you come back there….Still remember the day I landed here first… first glimpse outside the window… brought back all the memories  of those fairy tales I have heard while growing up… so much like a perfect painting… so full of life… !the city which made me fall in love… love of a serene kind I have never experienced before….love that heals…love that taught me to let go.. pure serene love!
Happened to watch this brilliant Malayalam movie ‘Diamond Necklace’ shot in Dubai totally by chance. But after the movie… I felt I should take such chances more often … like how Dr Arun (the protagonist) says… live life in such a way that you have no regrets  about your past… no anxieties about your future… just live the moment you are in… totally worth a try… :)

Infact it’s the song ‘Nila Malare’ which dragged me into the theatre. A magical track given life by Vidyasagar n penned beautifully by Rafeeq Ahamed sir… which is brilliantly rendered by the amazingly talented Nivas…an amazing discovery from a talent hunt. The song gets to you slowly…but yes gets deep down there and touches your soul.

Love indeed is the magical illusion of not being alone. The movie has fabulously captured love through various perspectives… love perceived by three women…and how eventually all things merge into one… of pure… unconditional… bliss! It’s true that quite often we can’t recover few things in life no matter how hard you try… the ‘moment’ after its gone… the ‘word’ after its spoken.. and ‘time’ after its wasted. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment to and let go..chances are that you might not do much of anything. ‘Now’ is the time.. remember the things you always wanted to do… now is the time to go do all of those…right now!

Of all the three leading ladies in the movie.. I have developed this bias towards ‘Maya’ the character played stunningly by Samvruta Sunil. Not only because she fights back the life threatening disease she has..but just the mere grace with which she does it… how she loves every single moment of her life… how she realizes that life aint too long for her..but still manages to stay positive and bounce back from all pit falls…falls in love.. and manages to let go without any she teaches you the lesson “you cannot be lonely if you love the person you are alone with”

‘Nila Malare’ is positive.. haunting.. adorable and catchy a track…it tells you there is always and always that new ray of makes you dream…fall in love… start living all over again… makes you content … sometimes cling on to the memories and breathe life.. true that “in the end what really matters is not what we bought but what we built..not what we got but what we shared..not our competence but our a life that a life of love..”for life happens only once… just once!life is really too short to wake up every day with regrets…so if you get a chance..grab it… if it changes your life…let it!

“We are always leaving lil pieces of us as we move along the pathways of life..and even as we age, evolve, wear out and disappear into the dust..the pieces indeed sometimes remain”

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back alone...!!!

There comes a point in life when you are back alone to that place in life where it all started… though it might just leave you drained out and deserted..much worse than how it was before.... for that is the way with life… we all tend to live within our limitations… till one day… life shows you a beautiful dream…of how meaningful life could have been…how complete and precious…and worth living… you refuse to wake up from that dream… even when its dawn and the dream has left you… you yearn for a little more of cling on to that beautiful serene dream which gives meaning to your existence and breathe life…

Many of us love to live a life of denial… a fabulous belief that no one has left… everything is just like before… that life of your dreams… of unconditional love just within your reach… dream on till we get done with our time here… a priceless irreplaceable feeling…

Sreenivas sir has been my most favourite singer… something I feel in his voice no one else has.. this mesmerizing ghazal by the legend Mehdi Hassan stunningly rendered by Sreeni sir is sure to touch your soul….’Renjish hi sahi’ from the album ‘Timeless classics’ is one songs for the keeps… one song..each one of us will relate to at some stage of life… the so real..close to life lyrics..depicts love of the most unconditional kind…

The word unconditional has been my personal favourite ever since I have known love…for that’s how sometimes we all are… we just love..expecting nothing in return.. nothing at all..when the love we have for the other person becomes enough for both ..when you feel its been long since you have been deprived of the pain of longing… when you wish the other one came back to you..if only to make you shed tears..and experience the feel good pain of being in love… a person without love is like a barren desert… … The song coveys that emotion where you yearn to let the tears come in to your that they can water your earlier deserted soul…

Love of that kind.. when you long to have the one you love come back…if only to shut those last few candles of hope… if not for the beautiful bond u shared, atleast for the sake of the love you still carry in your soul… even if that person is upset with you.. come back once for that dream you are still clinging on to… it does not happen often that someone decides to continue loving despite of that incompleteness in absence… for it is so true that… when someone walks out ..the only way to have them live on is to never stop loving them…

Love is sometimes not showing to the world that you are in is sometimes just being a silent presence in the other person’s life… just be like a shadow… who is with them through out their journey..but can never be together… blessed are the ones who get to experience unconditional love… for its then you learn to believe.. believe in belief itself.. that no matter what..this is it for you …for the rest of the years to come… coz not every thing is happily ever after… you just love… and let your love be…

“Run your fingers through my soul. For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive, look, experience, and for once; just once, come back though to leave again...”

PS: This post goes out for my serene dream…. I refuse to wake up for life… I owe my life to you…