Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rain yet again...!!!!

I am smiling..refreshed.. content.. alive and kicking! Thanks to ‘ Eeram’ and the adorably brilliant songs by the stunningly talented Taman. Again thanks to my ‘Encyclopedia Musica’ for getting me to his music :) you remain my favourite of all times..

I had just known Taman as ‘Krishna’, that cuddly spoilt brat in the Tamil movie ‘Boys’ and thought that he would have given up as an actor and vanished from the scene. When his friends..’Munna, Bobgaly,and Juju made it big in movie industry. :) But here he is making his mark in the whole wide world of music. ‘Eeram’ is fresh,rejuvenating, has a tint of romance.. and will make you fall in love with life yet again..

Shankar as a film maker has always brought into limelight the best of talents and he does it again with ‘Eeram’. It will remind you of the rain. It will fall into your lives as those drops of rain.. making you let go off those sun dried days and memories.. will get you back on track where you forget that ‘wandering mode’ and get back :)Music does wonders always!And yes this album has given me two more favourites.. Ranjith and Suchitra ..they are brilliant! Viveka has done a fab job with his wow lyrics.

The 3 tracks are amazingly composed. ‘ Mazhaye Mazhaye’ …’Saaral En’ and ‘Tharai Erangiya’ make you feel like getting drenched in rain… the first rain…while you are on the move.. when the droplets of rain fall on your face and you are just stretching back and travelling down the memory lane..with a fleeting glance to the much awaited ‘tomorrow’..

One album for the keeps .. One you will never regret buying :) my guarantee!! Lol. The tracks will bring back ‘LIFE’ to your routine and let your mind feel refreshed.. I totally agree with the poet when he said “Into each life some rain must fall..”And when it is raining..just let it rain..

This desert town I live always craves for rain.. I am reminded of those summers spent in the anticipation of the rain..and in the end of the wait when I hear the rain drops heart beats faster and my breathing slows. I have always felt that the sound of rain drops is the most comforting sound ever… beautiful and healing.. soothing and soul stirring.. so let it rain.

“I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it's going to rain, it will. ..”