Saturday, October 24, 2009

For a better tomorrow..!!!!!!!!!

This one song had taken back seat for a long time. Thanks to Prashanth,my very good friend for reminding me of this one yet again..and for telling me to look beyond the reasons attached to the temporary detachment I had..:) thanks a ton! One song which makes me experience a lot of beautiful emotions every time I listen to song which made me a much more intense worshipper of the legend ARR song which is synonymous to peace...that is 'Vellai pookkal' from the Tamil movie 'Kannathil Muthamittal'. Maniratnam sir's stunningly brilliant movie which will make you experience love..pain..the joy or parenting..the bliss of motherhood..a million such fab emotions. Music that was made so haunting and that is so close to that is a journey between reality and dreams..

The album had one amazing bunch of singers rendering their voices to it making it one stupendous piece of art..It is one song you can listen to through out the day and song you will wish never song which never left matter how many other songs I heard after it was composed..specially the lyrics of the song so apt and so rightly captured all the emotions the song wanted to convey..Vairamuthu is one fantabulous lyricist who gave soul to this amazing composition.. a magical tune from the magical song where all the barriers of language and culture will vanish and where just music will reign..
One song that is so full of hope..positive vibes..a song that will give new life to your dream of a new sunrise amidst all the engulfing darkness..It is true that "Music creates order out of chaos..for melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed.. and rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent.."It is absolutely true that we cannot appreciate the miracle of a sunrise unless we have waited in darkness..'Rahman's haunting voice will bind you to the soul of the song and will take you to the unknown heights and depths of music..where you just let yourself free of all worries and heartaches.

Let's not give up on that hope of a better beautiful world to be in..where everyone will see the beauty of rain drops falling and feel the hustle of the gentle breeze passing through the fields cutting across all barriers..let's not stop dreaming about that much awaited tomorrow..where you will see white blossoms of that 'perfect someday'.. let's believe that this is what furthers and perseveres...

"Peace is not something you wish is something you make...something you do..something you are and something you give away... there is no way to peace...peace is the way.."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Let there be light!!!!!

Its diwali yet again...I love this festival of lights.. it makes me very positive...makes me believe in that much cliched saying " there is light at the end of the tunnel.." once read someone's status message on Facebook that "Due to recession the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off... " lol! I refuse to agree :) there is always light...for the one with eyes to see it...For I totally agree with the mind which said " When you have come to the edge of all light that you know and you are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown...Faith is knowing that one of the two things will happen... There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly..."

This diwali..I just wish and hope everyone out there get the strength to strong..and never give up..when people and situations let us down..and we are afraid of the dark..let us believe that there will always be light for to be a star we need to shine your own light...follow your own path and never be worried about the engulfing's true that darker the night..brighter the stars shine.." :) and like Paulo Coelho said.. " The darkest hour of the night came just before dawn... " so very true..

"Aashayein" from the movie 'Iqbal' is one mesmerizing ...positive song that spreads a lot of confidence around. The movie was so soul stirring and so was the music...that kept haunting me ever since I heard it is all about hope.. all about keeping that light of hope alive in your mind and soul.. a song that tells you to persevere... a song that tells you to believe in yourself..let this festivities bring in a lot of cheer around.. for each one of us can stay the course...light a star.. and change the world... where ever we are... in what ever situations we are in... let there be light!!!! :)

Something if you feel you need to achieve..something you feel you need to do..just go for it..for as I have always believed that life is what we are living this very moment..this moment is all that we have with us for sure is certain... so live in it..follow your dreams.. there is enough light in your dreams and hope which will show you the way through any darkness...

This post goes out to my personal angel :) with hallow and wings.. for making me believe that angels do exist and life aint that bad after all :) thanks for all that you have done :) through ways big and small.. and for that crash landing into my 'k' serialised life.. :) lol.. you are an amazing friend.. a wonderful human being..may your life be filled with life and happiness :) stay 'angelic' :) stay blessed

"Hope is not certainly the same thing as is not the conviction that something will turn out well..but the certainty that something makes matter what the outcome may be..."
PS : Thanks for the pic and song 'angel'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Silence..the magic spell !!!

Sometimes it feels that talking does not seem to solve much.. sometimes we speak volumes through silence.. I just had such an encounter with the eloquence of silence..and it has left my eyes moist.. we all demand some things to be said to us..most of the time.. things that 'I care'.. ' I luv'..but may be I never tried to understand the beauty of things someone can convey without uttering a word... now I know.. those gentle..subtle deeds and words..matter a is that which make life much more beautiful and worth living..

One song which comes to my mind now is 'Aahista' by Pankaj Udas...the wow song from the wow musician.. It has always remained in the list of favourites..a song so subtle and as gentle as the breeze that passes through the fields...without making the tiniest of noise.. a serene..soothing experience.. Pankaj Udas is a fab singer and a brillaint musician whom I look upto..A very old still is as fresh as it can get..

The kind of love the song depicts conquers all barriers of culture and nationalities... where life is bliss.. I agree to the saying that "It is only when you have both divine grace and human endeavour that you can experience bliss.." life becomes blissful when you take that extra step to know.. to understand the language of silence..sometimes the most precious moments of your life is wrapped underneath the silence of those unsaid words.. let there be a fresh breeze of unsaid unborn words in our lives... let there be love..

Never miss that gentle wind that blows in to your life... never miss the depth of silence in others.. never let your mind get this feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should have been paying attention to..never let it feel that you did not experience it at all..for it is true that "it is better to know and then accept it rather than not to know and always wonder.." :) coz the most important things in life are not 'things'... so think of it..dream of for it...As Gibran says.. "The reality of a person is not what he reveals to you..but what he cannot if you would want to understand him listen not to what he says..but what he does not.. "

"Sometimes I wish that I was the would bring me up in conversation.. and when it rained.. I would be the talk of the day.."

PS: This song dedicated to the one who made me understand the magical eloquence of silence and the mesmerizing beauty of it.. :) thanks yet again.. I have found my dream!