Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colours of my sunset sky!!!

Our mind is an enigma.. a mysterious nest of a whole sea of emotions. All those emotions which make us fall in love love…laugh.. shed and live. Sometimes.. how much ever you try to resist the mesmerizing emotion called ‘love’ it just takes you in to its unknown depths and make you experience a zillion things…One song that stunningly captures this beautiful ‘helplessness’ of mind is ‘Sonnalum kelpathille’ from the Tamil movie, ‘Kadhal virus’. The movie sadly didn’t make it big.. but the amazing sound tracks still remain a favourite of many music lovers. None other than the musical maestro ARR can come up with spellbinding tunes like this every time he creates music..

This is one thing about the musical genius ARR.. he springs out fabulous surprises each time when you need them the most. Each track in the movie has its own uniqueness and the album was undoubtedly a trend setter in Tamil industry. In the classy ARR way.. he has brought together a talented bunch of singers to make the album as stunning as it can get. Unnikrishnan and Harini are at their best in the song which brilliantly captures the varying shades of love.. that yearning for a new sunrise every time the sun fades away in the darkness of each night…that very helplessness that makes you dream with your eyes wide open…

Someone rightly said once… “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings.. always darker.. emptier and simpler..” The sound track breaks all the conventions and introduces a contemporary rejuvenating feeling which comes as a relief every time you need that ‘come back’ to the amazing world. One track which talks about the amazing thing called hope… hope that tells you that..all that we are takes birth with our thoughts..with our thoughts.. we make our world..

A person in love is like a river flowing to merge into the sea.. in the end.. all things merge into one and it flows..In love, there are no differences.. when in love all we need that one star in our skies to dream our dream every day…resistance to obedience sometimes becomes the beauty of love..where you break through all barriers..and reach out for that horizon..

It is true that ‘ we cannot appreciate the beauty of sunrise unless we have waited in darkness.’…but again at sunrise some of us fight to stay awake.. just to pass through that magical journey of our dream yet again..there is always that longing to escape from the live we live while we are awake… to just lose ourselves in the blissful emotion..

“What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now… and a river runs through it”

PS: Angel.. you are a stunningly brilliant photographer :) serenity will endorse your pics starting this post :) cudnt find a better pic :)