Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome change!!!!!!

It always is amazing to see good music making a comeback… like never before. Am more than elated to have listened to the fantabulous tracks from the latest Malayalam movie ‘Bachelor party’. This album is so close to heart for a zillion reasons. Not always do we sit back..take some time out to look for some good songs..just to see what is happening in the world around. Am so glad I gave that time for myself.. and for the music that is buried deep inside me. What a miss it would have been if I missed listening to ‘ Kaarmukilin’ and ‘Vijana Surabhi’ from the album. Simply spectacular and brilliant compositions. Can call this album the ‘true’ come back of the immensely talented musician friend… my adopted brother..Rahul Raj!!!! Another reason to look upto the musician in him….

The magic that was created by him with the movie ‘Ritu’ has been recreated and in a much more soul catching way through these simply brilliant compositions. Songs that would make you fall in love with music all over again… ‘Kaarmukilin’ is a fabulous romantic melody and Shreya Ghosal’s mesmerizing voice has done the magic again in Malayalam music. She is the real ‘mishti dohi’ and totally will make you love all her songs just by the way she renders it with all her passion… honesty and her simply out of this world voice.

‘Vijana Surabhi’ is haunting..its addictive. One track that always has you mystified and makes you lose your way in the unknown depths of the song’s soul. Remya Nambeesan’s voice suits the song so well and the classical bits in between just add life to the track. Totally like icing on the cake. Its undoubtedly a treat for a music lover’s ears and you would wish the song never ended.

Of the two tracks I have developed this bias towards  ‘Kaarmukilin’ simply because of the tune and the lyrics.. and the  very feel good factor about it… its totally a whiff of fresh breeze that will breathe life into you..I totally believe we all need these kinds of welcome changes once in a while in life. Those changes which will make the monotony of a quiet life fade away! In the end over and over again life teaches me..music is all that there is… and music is something that will never let you down.. through all the seasons of life. Good music is back… and it is back here to stay!

True that music quite often takes us out of the actual and makes us create our own dreams…like Aldous Huxley even I believe that “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”Music soothes the mind and heals the heart.. it truly flows from heaven to the soul of the listener…

“Music was my refuge..I could crawl into the spaces between the notes and turn my back into loneliness...”