Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of its kind..!!!!

Finally I am out of that 'hibernation' mode.. sometimes you just don't get into the right kind of mood to scribble your thoughts.. but this time around.. the hiatus was bit too long... I missed this space.. missed all those interactions too... my search for a song finally got me to one track from the movie ‘Supari’ the only place actually I actually liked Uday Chopra…

Some songs we get addicted to.. this one track I had in my i-pod for ages and finally had to delete it one day because the addiction was getting too much :) there is this peculiar kind of pain in this soulful track that will haunt you for a long time... "Tujhe chand chahiye" from the movie 'Supari' is one of the finest compositions by the fantabulous duo Vishal-Sekhar....the movie was dismissed badly by the audiences... but am sure even this track at least a few of you would have missed out on hearing is it for those who have not..

Love ..!! that magical emotion which always has everyone mystified since ages…that beautiful bond that brings the world amazing experience that will make us totally different people..when we start feeling that feel good pain.. the pain of all those unsaid words…when we find our soul in the other.. when we find the answers to all those million questions in the eyes of the one you love… when you feel there is nothing impossible..unachievable.. !! This passionate face of love is captured well in this track…where nothing else matters…

Like Gibran once said.. “To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night….To know the pain of too much tenderness…To be wounded by your own understanding of love..And to bleed willingly and joyfully…To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving…”this is what love does to you and amazingly true…!!

When in love it always feels nothing is enough..there is this constant yearning which is like a flame that kindles the fire from within..where you let yourself melt in the sunshine of love..Sometimes I feel we are all prisoners in the crystal house of our dreams and hopes..The kind of love the song depicts conquers all the barriers in the world.. where you are all set to achieve the unachievable…Something in this song will ask you to live each day with zest and give yourself into love…and to keep the spark of longing within..

“I don’t want to live!I want to love first and live incidentally..and when we are living..right in the middle of an ordinary gives us a fairy tale..”