Friday, September 28, 2012

Phir Le Aya Dil...!!!!1

Some songs are so divine.. so serene.. and so very special ..that they make you feel.. in fact believe that they were made just for you and people like you in this big wide world... Could not find a better title for this particular post.."Phir le aya dil" from the much talked about Oscar nominated movie 'Barfi' is one of a kind..I feel such songs happen once in ages... personally for me this is truly an amazing come back of the musician in Pritam. simple..soothing and soul stirring; that's the song for you.  

Some days in life are special... because of some rare once in a life time moments...just another day becomes one for the keeps.. unique and priceless. Today is one such day... !A day when life rekindled my belief in that priceless irreplaceable emotion called love... I don't want to remember dates.. but moments..and so agree to the one who said 'the richness of life lies in those memories we have forgotten'

Quite often it happens with many of us that.. our paths cross with those ones whom we once thought we lost forever... you feel broken and wounded..when you are beginning to feel that love has made an exit.. when we least expect it.. we get to experience the warmth of their presence yet again... you feel start believing in yourself yet again... though we know in the end we never will get to be together..but you are content just loving and being there... 

"Phir le aya dil" fabulously captures the divine emotion when you reconnect with the one you love ...after a painful hiatus.. so beautifully depicts that 'incompleteness in absence'. Love indeed makes you dream..takes you out of the actual and gives you matter how many times you have been shattered and wounded. It's the very simplicity of the track that makes the song priceless. Arijit Singh has done a more than fantabulous job.. his voice is heavenly .. a much much promising future of music is here finally!

True that sometimes memories are good enough for you to live .. some other times.. thoughts of how different life could have been..if things were otherwise... gives you the strength to persevere.."Memory indeed a way of holding on to the things you love..the things you are..the things you never want to lose.." you get used to the feel good pain love gives you.. and you chose to come to terms with it and live the days of your life just loving..holding on to your incomplete dreams..memories.. and desires. But love..time and again..creates the magical illusion of those moments when you feel am not alone...

"Let's not forget to love.. loving what you cannot forget and let go off.. creates a new way to remember. Let's change the memory of our past into the hope of our future"

PS: This post goes out to the  serene one for whom  I want to live the rest of my life  for ..just loving... you are God sent!