Thursday, September 30, 2010

An ode to a divine voice!!!!!!

Sometimes you realize how much a person meant to you or has influenced you after they leave… one such thing happened when I heard about the sad demise of Swarnalatha.. one unique singer with divine magic in her voice…one amazingly brilliant singer who made every song of hers unforgettable with her golden touch.. undoubtedly an irreplaceable loss to the world of music!

Have been reading a lot of write ups about her life that was spent in silence.. giving herself totally into music..staying away from all the glitz and glamour…could not help but write about that one song which has been a favourite ever since I heard it first… one song which got her many accolades ..

‘Poraale ponnuthaayi’ from the Tamil movie ‘Karuthamma’which got her the National award for the best playback singer and a lot of other recognitions..composed by the Mozart of South ARR himself.. she has remained a favourite of musicians like him… best of her songs were for ARR and Raja sir..though not a million songs… the handful of songs that she rendered her voice for are for sure going to make her soul alive for the years to come.

People may fade away..but the way they made you feel stays forever ..Swarnalatha was an amazing find... she will live forever through her marvelous renditions....the reality of separation then starts fading away like the mist on the window is without a doubt what feelings sound like... like how someone once said.."Music speaks what cannot be soothes the mind and gives it rest...heals the heart and makes it whole... music flows from heaven to the soul..."can't get more real than this...

"We are all broken and wounded in this world..some choose to grow strong at the broken places..eventually we will come to know that music heals everything..and music is all there is... "